Thursday, 16 January 2014

Readalong One: 'The Diving Pool' by Yōko Ogawa

Welcome to the home page for the first of our two January in Japan readalongs :)  The first of our choices is Yoko Ogawa's collection of three novellas, The Diving Pool, and below you'll find links to the reviews and thoughts of all the readalong participants (this will be updated as I become aware of the posts!).

Before that though, I just thought I'd leave a few posers for people to ponder (and perhaps reply to in the comments sections):

1) Which was your favourite story (and why)?
2) Bearing in mind that these stories were published individually in the original language, do you think the book worked well as a collection?
3) Did the slightly dark tone enhance your enjoyment of the stories, or would you have preferred a lighter approach?

If you'd like to comment on these questions (or anything else...), please feel free to ;)  And now, the reviews...